Leftover Cities

Post #20 The after-event. Wash over your sins. Wash over my sins. The silk that surrounds us laps at our feet, it’s cool and pleasant touch soothes the aged scars which still twinge. Shadows burnt into the wall: their hands raised as if pleading against a gun or two; the flash in a clear sky… Read More Leftover Cities


Post #19 Against a tide. Bel Air Collapse upon a broken chair. The unknown crowds pour from all corners, surrounding the path and forcing you to weave through a sea of faces one has yet to see. A name unknown or changed, but stolen glances exchanged tell one what lies beneath those eyes. Fiddle with… Read More Lay

Blue Cotton

Post #17 What the night brings forth. Upon a dazzling though aged crown of glitter and accumulated dust, the forgotten dancing of the hundreds continued beyond what reality restricted the normal eye to witness. Round and round each span, never ending against a back drop of moonlight on top a paradise depicted in cracked marble… Read More Blue Cotton