In a Sky of Madness

Post #27

In my head or reality?

Shrouded in a red light, the echos if the mind come back and forth, creeping in and out of life. Streams of the city life blur past my window as if blended into one image of madness. Faces are shapes tainted by a multitude of colours, each presenting themselves in a different manner yet with the speed at which travelling, their grins of happiness and excitement fade into a mess of flesh and blood.
Light comes and goes now, and beams of energy merge to one. It is then that my eyes bleed. Blood pours down my cheeks and pools upon the sweaty seat upon which I had made my final bed. Ears, nose, and skin ripples to then implode within as the speed increases, uncontrollable and beyond one’s reach of escape from the pit I have buried myself in.

Sunsets or the madness which settles in, the orange and yellow spears now appear closer than before to this journey of death. The boulevard reaches break point and by now any form of abstinence to this drug would be a waste of time, for the climax heads to its final match at sundown. Everyone can sense it. The low thumping of a bass and drums, mimicking what my heart should be experiencing through the sharp decrease of life, can be heard across the stands. Intermingled there is though a lighter horn, as it signals the way of the tune and brings it and other sounds back in line to face the tragedy of speed that lies before their dry eyes.
In that moment it ceases to exist, and as do I, for the pain of broken glass cracking my skin open raw halts existence and sends all hair to stand straight with the limbs which try to cover what cannot be unbroken.


“Arigatō gozaimasu”

. . .Thank you. . .

Cover photo from: CHEKii (2016)


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