Intricacies of Life (Night Version)

Post #22

Pieces here and there (Night Version).

With darkness comes the swift bliss of a heaven accompanied by the moon. His friends smile upon glowing skin amid a field entwined with roses and midnight blooms. Wash away the past and forget the daylight’s dreams, the soft aurora upon which distant yet similar stories waft unaccompanied by a gentle breeze. Ghosts have melted now, leaving behind a forgetful shadow, for the sorrows bought by daylight are erased when one wanders between tall grass, far above the artificial glow that wages its own silent battle against the nature far and beyond. Unnoticed the fight goes amongst the million inhabitants who all live with desertion, thus a mere piano and violin can be heard playing in a distant land across the way, signalling the beauty of such an event ever occurring.

The state of mind it is then. All that has been shed has now fallen to Earth and left to the spirits to pick up after, for with the striking of nighttime joy, so the jealousy of the daytime is cast aside in favour of new belongings.
Bulletproof as boys, and Exotic like an exoplanet itself, the hardship of a journey beneath the sky full of stars signals a new beginning in time, and though the horde of those doubtful angels may laugh and tease of what ought to be a completion, one can hold a head high, for the moment has come.
Remember however that timing is everything. It rules us and although one tries to control it, when a event occurs, the time in which it takes place shall dictate the success of one’s desires. Though do not despair, for if the truest form of love has been found, the time will come in sync with all those hopes that are held dear.


“Arigatō gozaimasu”

. . .Thank you. . .

Cover photo from: CHEKii


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