Intricacies of Life (Day Version)

Post #21

Pieces here and there (Day Version).

How bizarre it is to be so far. The hole deepens with each day. A worry persists as time passes by. Twinge upon one’s eye, the moon shines brighter than usual, the stars too appear to glimmer behind an array of cloud and mist. Hope can manifest itself in a multitude of forms, each could be greater than the last, though all having a similar design in motion and if stripped down to mere basics. Once more, the fear of another lifetime of dancing alone thus far rekindles its grip upon one in a fierce rage upon the spirit, spitting out various demons crafted by poison and self inflicted loathing.
Signs of what one seeks is a trigger. All that is good appears forced and so, the cynicism returns to claim vengeance; forcing one to view such acts of selflessness with suspicion and hatred. It is so that hatred has replaced a far greater power. Or is it perhaps jealousy?

To see what one longs for, but never lusts; and to come face to face with all that boils deep within forces an aggression unlike any other toward the surface. Years of passion bubble and spill over in a second; leaving the mind in a state of untold sadness that the soft touch of skin shall maybe never be felt like that of those so tight in a loving embrace.
The intricacy of life is that. When jealousy and sadness combine, the leftover reaction is one to be otherwise desired; and from a remarkable distance too. Rejection of such feelings are a consequence, and the lies to oneself of how this and that are not necessary.
Happiness starts from within though, and one should do well to cherish such self-love. However much the external realm of emotion is not the be all and end all, important it is to accept what could be a potential brewing of additional happiness from a mutual and unconditional source of love.



“Arigatō gozaimasu”

. . .Thank you. . .

Cover photo from: CHEKii


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