Post #19

Against a tide.

Bel Air

Collapse upon a broken chair. The unknown crowds pour from all corners, surrounding the path and forcing you to weave through a sea of faces one has yet to see. A name unknown or changed, but stolen glances exchanged tell one what lies beneath those eyes. Fiddle with fumbling fingers upon a familiar sounding phone; hold a weight against your chest, and grasp the wonderful weirdness I see lying within; the stirrings within tingle neurons into a state of invigoration, bringing forth a rush of laugher born from the blue. For when Bel Air meets Mother Nature, blissful anarchy remains.

Mother Nature

Remember when you stared. One remembers when you lingered. Why, oh why is it that my own will shall remain grounded, and never become fixated and lost within yours which continue to draw one in. Bound by an atmosphere of perspiring palms and mirrored movements, though the thoughts that race while in your presence bounce far and beyond, reality’s ever present silence says more than one could ever achieve. An act one wishes one had not begun, yet pleads to the heavens in gratitude, for this confusing state known as emotion brings forth the counter measure of playing ignorance, unclear it still is if the chemicals are requited.

The Otherworldly

No longer numbered, days and time zones blend into a unity built from nothingness. Pearl drops glisten against a blood river which rages with the essence of twenty years upon its conscience, thus eliminating all its enemies that might stand in the way. Good and evil, one accepts all walks of life. Whichever path you and I may have once spat on, the future of shy kisses and liberated secrets blind us with its radiating fires created from tender home time cuddles. Watch us grow, as one yet retaining individuality; for that is the beauty of a life worth developing.


“Arigatō gozaimasu”

. . .Thank you. . .

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