Nuages and Dreams

Post #18

Pleasant thoughts.

What star would dream of a sky whose horizon melted into pools of red and yellow? On top a lonesome mountain, no more does it feel enviable to stand and stare against a back drop of hope and love, for human desire for companionship triumphs thus succeeding in its effort over that of an eternal state of singularity. Rivers, seas, entire continents flow into unison far above the realm of cloud and hold each other in a lasting embrace that defies the madness elsewhere. Still, the longing persists and intrudes on life regardless of time or duty; and the want for more despite a prolonged period of converse illuminated an area of which even one thought dormant and dead.

The fisherman below understands. With the changing of his tide as he wades with ease through the silken river that flows beneath, it is clear how in one word what can happen shall and what should will indeed occur. And so it is that the million flames which flicker within their flowery beds upon the bottomless river, a new form of awakening shall begin and shall at long last triumph like the stars smiling onto a sister clustered upon Earth and away from the heavens of which they were born.


“Arigatō gozaimasu”

. . .Thank you. . .

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