Underground 地下 (Chika)

Post #16


Upon his dry eyes, the white lights that illuminated Jonathan’s hollow room made his face contort in all manner of positions, and sitting upright, he swept his dark hair back while stretching out both arms to touch either side of the bare abode. The shrill and artificial dawn of a new day had arrived as swift as the last, and pushing himself off the unkempt bed, Jonathan stumbled over to a small sink and mirror to check what decency remained in his composition before dressing and heading off.
Jet black hair strayed over unnaturally light blue yet blood shot eyes, and smiling to show off a set of pearl white teeth, Jonathan slapped and prodded at his sheet white skin in an attempt to bring it to life.

‘Another day,’ he said, still poking at his now pink hued cheeks. ‘Another blank’.
‘Another day, another-‘
‘Jonny, hey Jonny, you awake yet?’
Several knocks against the metal door drove Jonathan from his gaunt reflection to then sigh and push away from the sink.
‘Yeah,’ he replied, his voice cracking. ‘I’ll be out in a moment’.
And so, throwing his coat over a shoulder, Jonathan opened the door to see the expected sight of his friend Lewis Mathews. Leant against exposed pipework, Lewis greeted him with a toothy beam and a small wave as he exited the white room and into an equally bright and ordered hallway.
Together they walked side by side, as did everyone else. No shoving, running, or out of place steps could be seen and heard, only the hushed wishes of good morning between fellow dwellers made an impact upon the soulless atmosphere.


“Arigatō gozaimasu”

. . .Thank you. . .

Cover photo from: Youtube @ Emily FNMthreeD (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tO1qC9MzxaY)


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