Interlude in Life

Post #13

How the Earth spins.

One thousand paper cranes dance upon the golden illumination cast from an endless array of motion pictures. However much their squawks go unnoticed, tradition is nevertheless expected, for the beauty of society is one to behold when it grants new life yet retains what makes it special. And though our Earth still bleeds leftover radiation from a time long past and remnants filter through the non-stop streams; each marked by their own brand of mask crafted from progression envied worldwide, the wish to re-grow the flowers is granted by the birds that cry and weep uncontrollably at our unfortunate time.



“Arigatō gozaimasu”

. . .Thank you. . .

Cover photo from: Ted Strutz (FF) and written for Friday Fictioneers


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    1. Thank you ever so much for visiting my blog and reading the story. I am not sure why my blog was put into spam, but perhaps a manual override on the page for spam could work, as you would be changing its settings on who is spam and not.

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