A Lovely History

Post #12

The tragedy of Forgetfulness


When leaves die and waves override, all bring with them the start of a new tale to tell. Be it either for the best or the worst of creations, the dawn of a new day brings joy to those who would otherwise see a mere blank space upon the horizon. But what of those who are deemed to repeat? Forget all the worries and fears of the ancestors long gone, though whose memory still remains. Within the cracks and underneath the floorboards, their screams draw near as you continue on the path upon which can only lead to hate.
Though tongues may be different, and cultures are statements waiting to clash, hell can be withheld if history is learnt so as to never be repeated, for the choice to know what has and what should never be again is a power worth grasping.

Dig your own grave, then run for target practice,
Bow your body low, and pray in your place of worship,
Hoping the signs shall not haunt, but what of those harbouring great hatred?
What shall be done with a thousand bones, as the departed reach what they originally intended?
Thus, it is not history which repeats, but the mistakes of those unwilling to learn, for they are doomed to continue the cycle of loathing.




. . .Thank you. . .


Cover photo from: Pixabay (https://pixabay.com/en/chamaedrys-honorary-award-flowers-424906/)


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