Rubber Bands and Treasured Words

Post # 11

When the silence is broken.

Maybe it is true after all? Though disputed lies spew from the mouth of an inferior woman, shedding a cold glow upon the situation at hand, their manner is undeniable, for the rubber band has come springing back to what it used to be.
And so the realisation of how time can indeed be a powerful healer screams as if he is still stood facing me. Full uniform, back straight, forgetting work, and leaning forward to catch what I say; the memory composed of similar patterns ignites a smile of longing so that this one shall last until the next.




. . .Thank you. . .

Cover photo from: Sandra Crook (FF) and written for Friday Fictioneers


8 thoughts on “Rubber Bands and Treasured Words

    1. Thank you for reading and apologies for the confusion. The story is referring to the rubber band theory in relation to how after a period of closeness, pulling away occurs, after which the person will eventually come back. The narrator wishes to then capture the moment where their love interest has returned.

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