Being Human

Post #10

What does it mean to be Human?

From a purely biological perspective, being Human is as simple as black and white. In resemblance with the Law, there are no ifs or buts, only science, facts, and figures, for in the eyes of the everyday walker, all are on an equal playing field when trudging along as if tomorrow will never arrive. Harm me, and then I will harm you in kind.
Look, see how although we grace separate skins, the blood still trickles down in the same manner as it did before.
Moles and blemishes, such occurrences are further examples of how despite a difference of appearance between us, the cloth from which you and I were cut not only produced others, but continues to be of service for future generations.
It shall be that you yawn, I yawn. Contagious is it not? Do you walk? What a coincidence, so do I. You breath, I breath in return. And do you smile? No, well then, this is where the road ahead becomes slippery.

…And there lies the truth of Humanity…
…Or its greatest injustice to itself…

For however much biology can provide stability in the face of chaos, the palace that is the mind is where the test shall take place. Psychology is a wonderful tool in one’s apparatus when evaluating actions and deviations from the norm of everyday life. What separates us from the animals, and what halts primitive tendencies from taking hold is our unique ability for reasoning and judging. Yes, some do possess such characteristics, but the extent to which has no comparison to that of Human beings.
And so there lies a piece of the puzzle of what is and what is not Human, for those who commit abominations are often portrayed as out of control meaning that their rationality has departed, thus leaving them as a creature we left behind millions of years ago.

…Or perhaps another train of thought should take place…

Although selflessness is an instructed programme, ultimately, when cornered, a Human being will choose their life over that of another, thus, it is in fact self-preservation which is the clearest of all forms. In relation to what is and not Human then, what truly scares individuals are what they are capable of. In addition, when viewing past and present atrocities committed, it is common for one to hear those watching denouncing the offender’s Humanity, therefore stripping them of the status of ‘Human being’.
Is this a reaction to a step away from normalcy, or is this something far greater speaking? Fear is a powerful thing to behold.
It can change people, make them do terrible things, or enlighten us to the possibilities of what Humans are capable of when placed in particular situations. Therefore, instead of viewing claims of inhumanity as a reaction of the deviant nature in which these beings conduct themselves, such rejections are in fact the result of Human beings being unable to face what is within them or what could potentially manifest.
And this is what is so scary. The individual committing the crimes are Human, all too Human, and that alone causes others to call them ‘not Human’ as a result of fearing being in the same species as them.




. . .Thank you. . .

Cover photo from: Pixabay showing a section of the Berlin Wall from East-Berlin (


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