Watching Death

Post #8

It’s a human thing

Have you ever experienced that need? A desire to look upon suffering, or fought against the the urge to gaze it in the eye as those affected are battling their own demons of destruction. Such a fascination a human has with the pain of others, that if not careful, then the horrors will find a new home with the starer themselves.
That is it. Always the starer, but never the helper. Always the one who is willing to watch, film, or capture the moment for future reference, but hands on stuff, now that is for others. Perhaps the secret lies within? Deep down within the recesses of our minds. That sense of wonderment upon the sight of an ambulance or any other signal that an atrocity has occurred is the sudden exposure of perhaps a design flaw…or maybe the most perfect thing about humanity?

The individual can choose to look away, yet the herd will follow each other, for each to their own in a world of sheep and know-it-alls. See how the eyes of the masses are drawn to a chance to see a bit of blood and gore, and that is it entirely.
To watch the watchers is an excitement on its own. From the stranger on the bus who mumbles, to the slow motion passing by of a collision, you can be sure that their souls will illuminate. It may be a mere matter of opinion in regards to who shall be graced with such a glare, though remember, it is a no hods barred world where guts are held high and the glory in its company draws you near…So better beware or else, unless you wish to be the next object of human distorted affection.




. . .Thank you. . .

Cover photo from: Pixabay showing a car on fire (


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