A Positive Existentalist

Post #7

How can there be such a thing?


In our pursuit for happiness, many sides of ourselves will greet the inevitability that is the end. Change is a good thing some say, others would disagree that it is more about evolution than outright disconnection from what you once were. Yet, what is fascinating is how when away from former selves and entities, the freedom which awaits on the other side cannot be comparable to any other kimochi in or out of existence.
Life itself will seems as if it were on a cloud to then drift far beyond reality and the norms of each individual culture created by mankind.
Could it have been to suit the needs of the masses? To make us all impossibly happy when otherwise in a never ending cycle of emptiness? Or was it to make you believe that anything different from this would mean an abrupt end to what it means to be a human being?

Thus, the existential threat is created. It seeps in and seeks control of your mind, threatening to override all which you worked so hard to keep at bay. What is life? What is my meaning? Where do I I fit, and how do I get rid of this feeling? Though do not despair, for there is a glimmer of hope and light. Do you see it? It is there at the end waiting for your return to daytime. Although there is no going back once your very own Hoover Damn has imploded, the sudden epiphany of how reality and surreality morphed in unison is a sight worth the sleepless nights of wondering.
For freedom is a gift and one which ought not to be taken advantage of, and such a state of mind is no longer a burden as at long last the blends of colour are easily distinguishable from the kuso and lesser form of baka.
So fear not, for as time will continue, you will also and in turn realise that no matter what life takes no prisoners so why should you too?




. . .Thank you. . .

Cover photo from: Pixabay showing an unknown prison wall with the words “A Thousand Years of Justice” (https://pixabay.com/en/saying-font-red-wall-prison-472218/)


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