In Want of Forbidden Colours

Post #5

What will you do with them?

When you want something, all life which surrounds ceases to exist. The void, that space between spaces will overflow with the excess baggage deemed too inappropriate and unnecessary to carry round.
‘Toss me,’ it screams in mid flight. ‘Send me packing, but we both know who it will be crawling back’.
Laugh it off or turn away, tell yourself it is no longer needed and all the troubles you face in life will follow it in the same way. There comes the freedom to explore what you will and develop connections between all that once appeared impossible to obtain. Out goes the anti this and that which held you back. And here, see how the distraction of life can weigh you down, thus making the memories of a wish so dear disappear like the stroke from a brush. 

Yet still, it creeps, it wanders, it attacks the shores, and sends you into a pit of despair and panic that eats away at what holds back all which tormented your mind before.
‘Hello, how are you? So good to see you once again,’ it says with malice. ‘Did I not say we would meet again?’.
A tremble of the lips signals the fight.
Blackened eyes and bruised thighs plague your rattled mind.
Metaphors curse the doors that are barricaded against all plights.
And stood in a corridor of no return, the new world you worked so hard to create now lies in ruins far behind.
For no matter how hard you try, however much distance is between the focus of your desire, nothing can withstand what you want in all its forbidden coloured glory.



. . .Thank you. . .

Cover photo from: Pixabay showing the Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan (


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