Polar Opposites

Post #3

Love or the other stuff?

The humanity

Sweet, the heart, all the colours of my rainbow; but nothing could be so divine as the one who seeks this. Though the laughs are like ice, and each mind is trying to devour me, such stings and twinges hurt like watching butterflies perishing in mid flight.
The words come to then disappear from the mind, as swollen lips and unari join hand in hand to create unison from separate entities.
Please stay and lie amongst a field so golden and bask in the sounds that are our own making, where days blend to a day and nights blend to a night.

The truth

So it comes, the shadow of death,
And echoes all round us, signal the end,
Sing a prayer to all Gods, and hope for the best,
But the sirens and the howling of the dogs and their men,
Beat upon us, and consumes us to the point where we are better off dead.

The guns and the engines, their never ending emittance, it merges with our misty breath,
The women and the children, huddled in bundles and forced two-by-two down narrow stone steps,
The lies and the showers, their intimidation game is set,
And the hair that had once been mine, now lost as we are locked in,
Then the silence signals the truth of what is about to begin.




. . .Thank you. . .

Cover photo from: Pixabay showing a Rainbow (https://pixabay.com/en/rainbow-prairie-south-dakota-sky-952533/)


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