A Quest for the Otherworldly

Post #2

What is it?

A place, or a dream. An event, or song. A wonder, or an occurrence. What is it that holds the key to the door which unlocks the experience of otherworldliness? Or, a better way of phrasing that question would be: Can it be explained into a more grounded term?
Each, when they occur, has its own individual quality. . .
Whereas one may result in a sudden transportation abroad to a far and distant land, another may give one the ability to see through someone else’s reality and create all which cannot be seen with the naked eye.
But still, what all have in common are:

  1. The speed at which each arrive to then retreat;
  2. The unpredictability of the occurrences;
  3. And finally, how the sensations they trigger are unexplainable.

Thus, as a result of being unable to localise the triggers to a singular cause, and explain the occurrences themselves, many years then passed without one solving its mystery. . .

However, after a walk sometime last year, parts of this changed when a fraction of what the “otherworldly” conundrum means to me at last hit the ground.
To paint the scene: on one side of a long and newly tarmacked road, modern houses – all with a slight variation in their designs – , and on the other, a fence bearing a overt resemblance to without a doubt its sister in Calais, France, guarding what appeared to be a barren and overgrown brownfield land. . .
The scene was set. With civilisation next door to Mars, the imagination got to work and once again triggered that odd sensation of otherworldliness, yet this time, the realisation of what it was – in a physical form thus removing music – finally hit:
When two worlds collide, that is when it hits. . .
For if something seems to be out of place in its surroundings or is against what can only be described as the norm from one’s own perspective, that otherworldliness grips the mind and sends it whirling far away to a land once only found in dreams. . .
Thus, otherworldly in its physical yet complicated form is the sense of being face-to-face with something that appears to deviate in an otherwise seemingly objective environment which was designed to be devoid of inconsistencies or oddities.




. . .Thank you. . .


Cover photo from: Pixabay showing a mountain with the Moon in the background (https://pixabay.com/en/mountain-moon-sky-landscape-nature-868076/)


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