Writing for the Wicked

Post #1

A study of grey and other plights. . .


A musical rhythm?

What lies hidden beneath those many crevasses of the mind? Psychology is a wonderful thing to behold. Especially when one finds that which ought not to be tampered with. The uncovered secrets and re-exposed Ghosts are coming out to scare, or are they here to play? Either way those mangles one wished were long forgotten have decided to pay a visit and plague the grey cells once more. . .

Scare tactics?

That emptiness or solemn pride in knowing what one did to those who wanted different, it lingers like a low mist. Memories of laughter echo free amongst the staring eyes, each one looking on, not quite there yet in comprehension. Stupidity? Fear?
They are all the same and present though shying away when one meets their glare.
No, judgement. It is indeed. . .

Feeding off others? 

Power too. The power of such a stage, for the apprehension emitted empowers and strengthens whatever lies within, deepening fresh wounds upon an already scarred fleshy surface. So when repeating each deed, a smile warms an otherwise hardened mould, igniting tendencies prone to harm and gasps intended to maim. Go on. Hate me, hate me, but one knows you cannot live without it, as why even try when mutuality shall never occur?




. . .Thank you. . .


Cover photo from: Pixabay showing the destruction of Cologne post World War Two (https://pixabay.com/en/cologne-bombing-destruction-war-63176/)


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